Comfort food is a very loosely defined category of food which encompasses a wide variety of dishes from all courses. There are two main types of comfort food- dishes which themselves have a nostalgic or sentimental value, and dishes which are simply some kind of indulgence such as a dessert. Both types are often treated as special occasion foods which are consumed or craved when one feels upset, depressed, or homesick to name just a few examples. While there are certainly some dishes which most people would agree are comfort foods for everyone, all comfort foods evoke a specific feeling or memory for the individual seeking comfort. Many comfort foods are familiar dishes from one's childhood such as "Mom's Potato Salad" and "Dad's Barbeque Chicken Wings," or foods which remind us of a "certain someone," or of a place we long to be. It is for this reason such a wide range of foods fit the description. Everyone has their own list of comfort foods, and despite some common ground, many of these food items will vary from person to person. One person's favorite dish from their mother's menu might be peach cobbler, while another's might be enchiladas. Some comfort foods may even be specific to entire countries or cultures, such as chicken soup in America, miso soup in Japan, and matzah ball soup among Jewish people.

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